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Slip Gauges


Equinox Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges are manufactured from specially selected grade of carbide with hardness 1500 Vickers. Rigid attention is paid throughout the manufacturing process for flatness, parallelism and every Slip Gauge is rigorously in NABL accredited laboratory.

Why Tungsten Carbide?
The mere suspicion that Carbide is a brittle material had held back its use for quite some time, till a number of actual trials were conducted. It is some 50 years, since tests in The USA indicated that hard metal slip could outlast steel by at least ten times and in certain condition ever 100 times.

The use of hard metal like tungsten carbide as a material for slip gauges has increased tremendously in recent years and is now rapidly supplanting tool steel in this application.

Dimensional Stability
Tungsten Carbide is a stable material, which gives tungsten carbide slip gauges an obvious and accepted advantage over slip gauges manufacturing from more conventional material. Dimensional Stability is of prime importance when Slip Gauges of Grade ‘0’ or ‘00’ are manufactured. Tungsten Carbide has no substitute when such sets are to be used.

Ability to Wring
Tungsten Carbide is very dense material. This allows the production of high quality surface giving superior wringing quality to the Slip Gauges.

Resistance to Wear
Tungsten Carbide is highly resistant to wear. The slip gauge will retain its accuracy for a long time.

Resistance to Corrosion
This is one of the major advantages with Tungsten Carbide Blocks, which makes it ideal for continuous handling.

The economy of using Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges is immediately apparent when we consider its longer life and also the substantial reduction on re-calibration cost. The durability of these gauges give ultimate return on the investment.
Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges
Equinox Gauges Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges are offered in metric sizes from 0.1 mm to 100 mm and in inch sizes from 0.01 to 4 inches. They can be supplied in standard sets to meet any grade of national or international standards. The sets mentioned in our those commonly used and manufactured by us; any other sets can be supplied against specification requirement. Metric sets are manufactured with 1 mm & 2 mm base. Sets of 2 mm base are recommended by BS – 4311 for extra rigidity.
Individual Slip Gauges
Individual Slip Gauges in standards and special sizes can be supplied in metric & inch sizes. Due to superior properties and low costs, our customers have started replacing the worn-out steel slip gauges with carbide slip gauges.
Micrometer checking sets
These sets are available in metric & inch sizes. They are designed specially for calibration and inspection of micrometer.
The sizes in the set are so selected that they ensure checking of micrometers at various radial positions.
Thus in addition to the pitch error, error due to drunken threads also can be located by IS-2967 of 1964 for inspection of external micrometers.
The sizes include: Metric 8 pieces
3.1, 6.5, 9.7, 12.5, 15.8, 19.0, 21.9 & 25.0 mm
Metric 10 pieces

2.5, 5.1, 7.7, 10.3, 12.9, 15.0, 17.6, 20.2, 22.8 & 25.0 mm
Imperial 8 pieces

0.130”, 0.250”, 0.385”, 0.500”, 0.615”, 0.750”, 0.870” & 1.0”
10-pices set ensures close test of progressive and periodical errors than the 8-piece set.
Additional slip gauges of 50, 75 or 100 mm (2, 3 or 4 inch) can be used to calibration micrometers of larger sizes.